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Go Green Solar Bringing the Effective Solar Energy Solutions!

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Welcome to Go Green Solar

where the future is bright and green! Our mission is to deliver tailor-made solar solutions that reduce electricity costs and make you less dependent on fluctuating energy prices. We specialize in Solar power plant installation in Dasuya, Hoshiarpur, serving residential, commercial, and industrial needs with high-quality components and exceptional service.

Why Choose Us?

Go Green Solar is your trusted partner in the transition to sustainable energy. With our expertise in both off-grid and grid-connected solar power plants, we cater specifically to industries. Our core values center on delivering quality and efficient solar power systems that stand the test of time—lasting up to 25 years. Whether you’re looking for the best-priced solar system or a solar power plant near you, we have you covered.

Our Services

Residential Solar

Transform your home into an eco-friendly oasis with our solar rooftop solutions. We offer energy independence and significant savings on your electricity bills.
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Commercial Solar

Businesses, it's time to embrace sustainability and reduce operational costs with our cutting-edge commercial solar systems. Join the ranks of smart businesses making a positive impact on the environment and their bottom line
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Industrial Solar

Industries across India are turning to solar power to avoid grid outages and reduce electricity expenses. Our industrial solar solutions are robust, reliable, and tailored to meet the high demands of industrial establishments.
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Solar Water Pump

Our solar water pumps are the perfect solution for agriculture and water management. Harness the power of the sun to ensure a consistent water supply while cutting down on fuel costs and emissions.
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Kusum Yojana Solar Farm

Take advantage of government subsidies with our Kusum Yojana solar farms. This initiative helps farmers and rural communities install solar power systems, promoting sustainable development and energy independence.
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GoGreenSolar: Renewable Energy Pioneers 

    Unique Solutions for Every Need

    Battery Installation

    We ensure that your solar power system is always ready to perform with our top-of-the-line battery installations.

    Inspection & Check-up

    Our inspection and check-up services ensure your system is always operating at peak efficiency
    Upgrade your system with our inverter replacement services, designed to keep your solar power system running smoothly and efficiently.

    Panel Cleaning

    Our professional panel cleaning services help you maintain optimal energy production

    Performance, Quality and Reliability

    The Best in Solar Technology

    Solar Rooftop Price List

    We offer competitive pricing for our rooftop solar solutions. Our solar rooftop price list is designed to fit various budgets while ensuring high quality and efficiency.

    Solar Panel Price for 1 kW

    Looking for the best value? Our solar panel price for 1 kW is highly competitive, offering you the best return on investment.

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    Our Experience Around the Globe

    At Go Green Solar, we pride ourselves on our global experience. Our projects span across various continents, showcasing our expertise and commitment to delivering top-notch solar solutions. From manufacturing plants to floating solar installations, we have done it all.

    Solar Energy
    Hybrid Energy
    Geothermal Energy

    Latest News

    Stay updated with the latest in solar technology and industry trends. Our blog is a treasure trove of information, offering insights and tips to help you make the most of solar energy.

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